Oxalis versicolor


Very striking South African bulb. Everyone who sees one in flower NEEDS one. Problem is, it comes out of dormancy and starts flowering around November and is winding down in February or March, which is exactly when there are no customers at the nursery to see how gorgeous it is. It is a tiny little thing, the finely cut foliage is only a couple inches tall, and the flowers are huge compared to the size of the plant. On sunny days, the flowers open flat, but on cloudy days and in the mornings and evenings, the buds are held half-closed so that the bright red margins on the white petals form a spiral pattern exactly like a peppermint candy cane. Given they are naturally in full, peak bloom for Christmas, I'm not sure why they're not sold everywhere like Poinsettias. They should be. Not hardy here, but can take a pretty good freeze and keep on blooming, and should be easy on a very sunny windowsill. Zone 7
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