We've concluded our current sale of Paeonies and they've been replanted, to be ship-able sometime by next Fall 2017. If you'd like to place an order, keep in mind that our Paeonies will not be shipped again until that time.

In cultivation and hybridized for hundreds of years and growing in every garden around the world. But have you ever seen wild Peonies?

For many years we purchased every collection of wild Peonie seed that Halda and others ever offered and being hoarders we hung on to all of them and eventually planted them on one of our conifer berms. Over the years they just got bigger and better and this year I dug and divided several plants and will offer divisions for sale this fall, but there is of course limited numbers and you should act quickly if there is a particular one you really want, they need to be shipped and planted this fall and we can not ship them any other time, just like ALL field dug Peonies.

Peonies are wonderful, tough, long-lived garden plants but incredibly, frustratingly, slow to propagate. That is why we are thrilled to FINALLY have enough of some very unusual, rarely -- if ever -- available species. Grab these plants while you have a chance every garden is better for having more peonies in it, and when these sell out it could be long time before we have enough to offer them again.