Why order collections? Because getting the big box of cool plants when they arrive is like Christmas! Okay, I know getting plants in the mail is ALWAYS like Christmas, but collections are even MORE like Christmas because you don't know what is inside until you open it! Actually, come to think of it, ordering collections from Arrowhead is BETTER than Christmas because there is no chance you'll open the box and find an ugly sweater from your Aunt Gertrude. Instead, each collection is a hand-picked selection of plants we choose specifically to thrive in your garden, a carefully curated introduction to the incredibly diversity of plants we grow here at Arrowhead.

When we choose plants for your order, we try our best to match your climate and conditions. Your address alone tells us a lot, but any information you can provide will help us do a better job. When you place your order, use the comments section to let us know about your soil or other garden conditions. If you are a beginner and don't know anything about your soil, let us know that too and we'll pick tough stuff that thrives for anyone. Please don't, however, request specific plants. If you need something in particular, order it separately. Also, our selection at the nursery and experience as gardeners is here in the North, so if you live somewhere steamy like Georgia, we'll do our best, but won't be able to provide the range of diversity we do to our more northern customers.

Finally, one selfish reason you should order a collection. They're great fun for us! Shipping day can be a drag, but getting to wander through the greenhouses picking out a little garden for someone is a blast. So order a collection! We have fun, you have fun, EVERYONE has fun!

Collections also receive FREE SHIPPING!