Lilium papiliferum


This came to us as simply seed of “Lilium sp.” and when the seedling flowered, we were very thrilled to discover what they were. This is one of the smaller of the asiatic lilies, mature plants only reach about two feet, and unlike the short, squat, hybrid asiatics, this one has very fine delicate leaves and smaller flowers so the entire plant is in scale and would look very much at home in a rock garden. The flowers are a deep, rich, sophisticated shade of burgundy that, unlike any other lily I've seen, has three petals (okay, actually sepals) which are held straight out white the three petals (actually petals this time) are strongly recurved for a very cool, different look to the flower. In keeping with the overall size of the plant, bulbs are quite small, but are of flowering size. Zone 5, we think.
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