Tricyrtis rivenii AITW252B


An exceptionally beautiful toad lily from high in the mountains of Taiwan, only identified as a species in 2008. We've absolutely fallen in love with it, high on my personal list of the best tricyrtis we grow. Start with the flowers beautifully, delicately colored, and very abundantly produced over a long season in late summer and fall. Better yet, the growth habit is perky and upright, a couple feet tall, and shows no signs of wanting to flop, as some tricyrtis are prone to doing. Another great attribute is that the foliage keeps looking bright and fresh and unblemished right too the end. So many tricyrtis if they dry out at all in the summer get brown leaf edges and look wretched by the time they flower. Not this one it looks perstine and perfect. All of that makes this a species that people really pick up and buy when they see it in person. Any tricyrtis looks great in a catalog on-line with a close up of a flower. This one is great looking no matter how you look at it. Hardy to zone 6 for sure, probably zone 5.
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