Delosperma 'Firespinner'


This is a variety I kept thinking was too good to be true. The flowers are large, and insanely brilliantly colored, unlike any other delosperma, bright magenta-red in the center surrouned by a thick band of orange. Not only that, but people were claiming it was zone 5 hardy, maybe even hardier. Well, we'll see, I thought. Lots of delospermas are nicely hardy to zone 5 out west where they stay nice and dry, but in our rainy winters, that is another story. Well, 'Firespinner' proved me wrong. In my trial of ALL of our many supposedly hardy delosperma varieties, it sailed through a cold, wet, winter without missing a beat. The thick, fleshy leaves make an excellent, rapidly spreading ground cover, running 6+ inches a year for us, and of course topped in early summer with those stunning flowers, with the occasional rebloom later in the year. Zone 5-9
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