Scilla tubergeniana (mistchenkiana)


Scilla tubergeniana (Syn Scilla mischtschenkoana) This is the coolest little bulb I've seen in a long time. And when I say little, I mean LITTLE. A wee rosette of dark green leaves barely an inch across, topped with a flower almost as large delicately flushed lavender and pink. In full bloom, less then two inches tall, it is the absolute final word in adorable. Even better, blooms incredibly early, along side your snowdrops, eranthis, and Cyclamen coum, when you are desperate for some early color. Reliably hardy here in zone 5 Michigan, offsets rapidly to form a nice clump but reportedly does not seed around, which is probably a good thing since some scillas can be a bit of weed in that respect. Zone 5, at least.
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