Liatris aff. ligulistylis/scariosa Monarch Strain


Our most amazing new discovery, Dr. Wagner keyed these to ligulistylis but Hammer says they are closer to scariosa, whatever the name they are unique; they apparently emit Monarch Butterfly pheromone. Monarchs swarm to it ignoring other Liatris species just a few feet away. They follow customers to their cars and are so distracted that they can be picked up with your fingers. It is absolutely the coolest thing you have ever seen. Wagner found an orchid that did the same thing but as far as we know this has never been reported for Liatris. We are offering seedlings from our original plants that the Monarchs pollinated and they should retain their attraction, the butterflies were very selective. They are also very slow growing for a Liatris, and much loved by thrips as well as Monarchs, be careful not to spray the thrips and kill the Monarchs, try bio-control.
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