Corydalis ex 'Dufu Temple'


This came from a collection offered in the Scottish rock garden seed exchange. It is hardy here and has wonderful blue flowers in shades ranging from sky blue to purplish blue with sky blue forms predominate. It is very distinct and nothing like C. flexuosa Blue Panda. Our original three plants have multiplied, and multiplied, and multiplied, the most wonderful weed you could possibly have. It blooms from spring continuously until November. Seed explodes from Touch-Me-Not capsules at the slightest touch, making it lots of fun for kids but a bitch to collect; fortunately the ants will pick up the seeds and plant them for you. As far as we know all stock in the U.S. originated with us; recently plants have been offered as a cultivar of linstowiana, we don't know what they grow as linstowiana but Zetterlund sent us seed from Gothenburg. From Heinrich we presume it to be the real thing and it is definitely different from Dufu, so much so that we can hardly believe they belong to the same species. Unlike linstowiana, Dufu is semi-tuberous and very cold hardy and permanent. A plant that is sure to become a classic, and we predict will largely replace C. lutea in the landscape - by brute force if necessary. ____ZONE 4
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