Dictamnus albus (fraxinella) purpureus


Gas plant, glandular hairs emit an aromatic gas that can be set ablaze on still muggy summer nights, please check for Giant Swallowtail larva first or you may barbeque your bird droppings (Dictamnus is a first choice munchie here). Racemes of showy flowers in spring followed by attractive explosively dehiscent seed heads, Dictamnus can shoot shiny black missiles across a room. Very long lived in the garden they resent disturbance, do not move large plants; germination of dry stored seed is complicated by hard seed coats and secondary dormancies, limiting most commercial production. This is the first large crop we have had in years the result in part of introducing new genetic material from the Caucasus. Germination improved greatly, colors could be anything from purple to white. Like many rutaceous plants they may cause photodermatitus in sensitive people. Rue does this to me but Dictamnus has never given me trouble and I am always looking for caterpillars on it.____ZONE 4
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