Ephedera americana


Ephederas are a strange, unique group of plants. Probably best known as a dietary supplement for weight loss, but is currently illegal for use as a supplement because of the whole problem with people dying. Not to good. But don't let the fact that this is a terrible thing to eat stop you from enjoying the fact that it is a beautiful addition to the garden. Their highly toxic nature makes them absolutely pest proof, even deer and rabbits won't mess with it, and the narrow, upright, green stems makes a beautiful and very different look in the garden. Female plants will produce small, bright orange-red fleshy berry like cones. These plants are unsexed seedlings, so we can't guarantee the sex you'll get. Extraordinarily tolerant of dry, but thrives equally well in wetter conditions, all-in-all a very beautiful, very unique, and entirely bullet-proof plant. Zone 5, maybe colder
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