Trillium pusillum


Flowers are a pure white ranging to showy pink, with very undulate margins on the petals. Much like a little miniature Trillium undulatum, which brings us to the name 'pusillum', meaning dwarf in this case. This Trillium is certainly dwarf, and attractively so. T. pusillum will begin flowering before most other Trilliums have begun to bloom in the garden.

This is quite a rare species. So rare in the wild in fact, that it tends to form very isolated communities that develop markedly new features, evidenced by the many recognized varieties of T. pusillum. The taxonomy can get confusing, and is up to some interpretation.

In spite of being rare in the wild and even more uncommon in cultivation, T. pusillum is a vigorous grower in the garden. It also seeds quite easily, and you can quickly raise new seedlings to maturity. It is a wonder that such an easy growing, yet rare Trillium has not made more of on impact in commercial propagation, but we are now proud to be offering our very own seed grown population for sale.

That said, these are in very short supply this year. Being seed grown, we don't have an unlimited supply, so if you want some I'd recommend picking up some now that it's still early in the year and we haven't yet run out.

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