About Arrowhead

Arrowhead Alpines is the product of the crazed plant obsession of Bob and Brigitta Stewart, who started the nursery back in 1991 Bob died in 2011 after a long battle with colon cancer, but the mania for rare, unusual, beautiful and sometimes just odd plants continues.

As the name implies, one of our main focuses is on miniature alpine plants for rock gardens, miniature landscapes, and fairy gardens (which, in case you don't know, are just rock gardens with props and a little extra dose of cute) but we pretty much will grow anything as long as it is hardy (and a few things that aren't) and you can't find it anywhere else. Our focus is on diversity, and we're always on the hunt for new genera, species, or cultivar to add to our collection, the more unusual the better. In stark contrast to our massive collection of plants, we have a tiny staff, with Brigitta as supreme ruler (oh, okay, her actual title is “owner”), Then there is me, Joseph, I get to call myself Nursery Manager, which means I water plants and take cuttings and sow seeds and pull weeds and pack up boxes of plants and write all the new text on the website (older text and plant descriptions were written by Bob. You can tell the difference, because his are always funnier) and half a dozen other odd jobs. After that we've got a handful of seasonal and part-time people, like Renae who pots up every seedling and cutting and division, and Cheli and Johanna who pull weeds and fill pots and generally do a lot of the heavy lifting. Oh, and we have a devoted staff of greenhouse cats, some of whom are on mouse-and-vole control duty, one who focuses on dealing with rabbits, and a few who work customer service by insisting that you set down those plants and pet them right NOW.

In addition to our love of plants, we love our the cats, the local butterflies and other insects, and all the local wildlife. We know where the raccoons are having their babies, and keep an eye on the weasels down by the pond. Because of that, we use NO insecticides at all, organic or synthetic, on our plants, instead relying on healthy populations of natural predators to keep pest populations in check. It works too. We rarely see aphids or any other pests on our plants, and when they do arrive, they are quickly gobbled up by something and never become a serious problem. You can shop here without worrying what toxins have been sprayed on the plants, and put out plants out into your garden without wondering if they will kill your bees and butterflies.