Visit Arrowhead

If you get chance, we do hope you'll come by and visit us in person during our regular retail hours. In addition to the rows and rows of cool plants for sale, we've got pretty extensive gardens scattered around the grounds, and have just added new trials beds, where we've got an ever-increasing percentage of our collection of rare goodies lined out side by side so you can check out, for example, our 30+ penstemons to see how they look in the ground and decide which one would be best for you, or, if you've never grown (or even heard of) Dracocephalum, see our collection of a dozen or so different ones. And don't just come in the spring. There are loads of wonderful summer and fall blooming plants that will blow you away if you come by later. Also, spring is pretty insanely busy, so we'll have more time to walk you around and answer questions if you visit other times of the year. We'll be happiest if you come when we're open, but if you are traveling from out of town and can't make it during our normal hours, please e-mail (or call) ahead and we can usually make time for you.

While you are in the area, you'll want to visit our friends at Gee Farms ( and Broken Silo Nursery (