Pot sizes we use

These are the main pot sizes we use at the nursery:

And here with one of the greenhouse cats, Natasha, helpfully providing a sense of scale while knocking over the Oxalis versicolor...

The pot size we grow in depends on the needs of each individual plant. Overly large pots lead to over-watering which is the death of many of the alpine plants we specialize in, so tiny plants come in tiny pots. Some plants, most notably daphnes, transplant radically better when small, filling in much faster than plants grown on to larger sizes before planting out. We grow miniature rock garden plants, small bulbs, and the smallest of miniature shrubs like daphnes in the sizes A and B in the first picture. Larger perennials will be in pot sizes C and D Most trees, shrubs and vines are in pot sizes D and E. We do grow some shrubs in larger pots, though we rarely ship those. Pricing of shrubs will largely reflect plant size, with more expensive ones being bigger, cheaper ones being smaller. Dormant plants and bulbs we will, when possible, ship bare root. This makes shipping cheaper, and makes it easier for you to confirm that the plant is actually healthy despite not showing any active growth. We ship mature, blooming size bulbs, but that means radically different things in terms of size depending on the species. Don't be expecting a mini species like Narcissus bulbicodium to have big fat bulbs like the dutch hybrid daffodils.