-What to expect when you're expecting

What to expect when you're expecting plants from Arrowhead

When your order arrives, unpack it right away. Shipping is hard on plants, so give them light, air, and, if they need it, a little water. If you can't plant them immediately, set them in a sheltered spot where they'll be protected from hot sun, and keep them watered until you have time to get them in the ground. As you unpack and plant your order, remember that we're not a normal nursery, and we don't always grow normal plants. There are a few things to keep in mind.

Small is Beautiful Alpine plants and dwarf conifers are tiny by nature. We ship robust, healthy plants, but for many varieties, these plants will be small. That is how it should be, and how you know these plants are true miniatures which will stay small and not try and eat your entire rock garden or trough.

Sleeping Beauties Many of the plants we grow, especially bulbs and woodland perennials, go completely dormant in the summer, while other perennials are late to emerge in the spring. Depending on when you order them, you may receive what looks like an empty pot. The plants are in there, healthy roots or bulbs, they've just retreated underground. Before we ship a dormant plant, we gently slip it out of its pot to double check that it is indeed alive and well. You are welcome to do the same once they arrive. Plant them as you would any other perennial, at the same depth they are in their pot, and they will emerge right on schedule. Despite the disconcerting lack of green, shipping plants while dormant is often the best choice. With no leaves and stems to get broken or dehydrated, they'll settle into your garden better than a plant shipped while in active growth.

Ugly Ducklings Many mainstream nurseries and big box stores stock plants based on how they look growing in a nursery pot, and work hard breeding and spraying with chemicals called plant growth regulators to produce little round flower-covered plants on the bench. We have the radical notion of growing plants that will be beautiful, interesting, and unusual in your garden. Unfortunately, those two goals don't always overlap, and some of the most beautiful perennials simply look gangly and awkward while young in a nursery pot. Don't be fooled. They're still healthy and vigorous, and once they settle into your garden, will produce a show that will turn your less informed neighbors green with envy.

Share the love! Once your plants are in the ground, please do take a picture and share it with us on our facebook page or send it to us in an e-mail. We love seeing our babies happily settled into their new homes!