Grafted Conifers

The plants we ship are between two and six year grafts, mostly in two gallon or larger pots. That means they were grafted, and then have grown for that many years afterwards, so the size of the plant we ship you will be dependent on the growth rate of the particular variety. Prices largely reflect plant size (more expensive = bigger plant) though we'll try to send you the biggest, nicest ones we have in stock. Many of these are available in very small numbers, and it is impossible to predict what is going to sell any given year, so if possible include alternates or include a note letting us substitute for a similar variety. We ship very carefully, wrapping each conifer in a cardboard sleeve that ensures these valuable plants will arrive for you undamaged. I'm always surprised by how quickly conifers can mature and start looking incredibly impressive in the garden. The oldest plantings around Brigitta's house are only 20 years old, but they look like they've been there forever. Ask nicely when you come by the nursery, and we can show them to you.