POLYGONATUM An important genus for the woodland garden, most of the 55 or so species are Asian, with a few North American species. They add an elegance and grace that is perfect with ferns. If garden space is tight shovel up a few old Hostas and toss them on the compost heap to make room for some Polygonatum. Some of the small species like hookeri are perfect for a woodland trough, and the climbing species are easily scrambled through understory shrubs.

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Polygonatum zanlanscianense

Polygonatum zanlanscianense

The name on this may quite possibly be incorrect. This is what we received it as, but it doesn't seem to match the published descriptions. Tall, graceful arching stems with narrow green leaves with danging greenish yellow flowers. Native to (if the name is correct) southeastern Gansu and southwestern Shaanxi, China.____ZONE 5