GAILLARDIA A fine Native American plant Gaillardia is native from western Canada south to New Mexico. There are actually 20 or so species but the garden forms are all hybrids or selections of G. aristata. It will bloom for months and months producing a seemingly endless supply of large brightly colored daisies. It is best on dry sandy soils and will recover from damage if even a scrap of root is still alive propagating readily from root cuttings if you wish clonal material or easily from seed if you want some variation. We are pleased to offer the following forms.

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Gypsophila repens rosea

Gypsophila repens rosea

Another pink selection of this great, tough species. A little lighter color than 'Filou Rose' and seeing them side-by-side in our new trial beds, seems to be the most compact grower of the selections of this species we have. Zone 4.