One of my favorite genera in the Berberidacaea, Epimediums are indispensable as ground covers; they are amazingly drought tolerant once established and perfect in difficult dry shaded sites although they will tolerate everything from fairly deep shade to nearly full sun. We particularly like them in conjunction with Cyclamen, the combination of emerging bronze and red foliage is unforgettable in spring; many growers cut back the evergreen forms in early spring to better appreciate the new leaves. Until recently, the selection was a bit slim however there has been a flood of new material emerging from China in recent years. We are pleased to offer a number of outstanding newer forms as well as may of the old favorites. Nomenclature on the new material is still a problem however the new Kew monograph may improve this situation. Please don't be put off by the confusing inner-sepal spur-petal terminology. Just enjoy the exotic spidery flowers and the magnificent foliage. Or perhaps take a walk on the wild side and explore their erotic horny goat weed reputation (as if goats need help in this regard), while we don't advocate them as a Viagra substitute, it may help answer the question of how China got a population that numbers in the billions, some pharmaceutical company could get rich on this one.

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Epimedium x youngianum niveum

Epimedium x youngianum niveum

A snow-white selection with abundant but rather small flowers and excellent orange scarlet fall color.____ZONE 4