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Arrowhead Alpines
Retail and Mail Order Plant Nursery
1310 North Gregory Road, P.O. Box 857, Fowlerville Michigan, 48836, Phone: 517-223-3581

A message from Bob to our friends and customers

Over the years many of our customers have become close friends, others only know me through my writings and often draw some rather odd conclusions, you would not believe some of the letters we get. Because of the personalized nature of the catalog, new customers do tend to call and chat as if they were old friends. I do still answer the phone around here, which is almost unheard of in business nowadays, and mostly enjoy talking to customers.

The catalog for this year went out on January 15, 2010. If you do not get yours by February 1st, give us a call at 1-517-223-3581 and put in a new request.

Ender has been working on a shopping cart; a full e-commerce MySQL-php monster, the same software that Google and Nasa uses. We think we have the bugs all crushed, our beta testers report no major problems, and we are very confident about security. Credit card info is encrypted and processed offline which is a bit slower but much safer and more error free. As of now the only thing not finished is prescaling and uploading all the pictures which will still take a few weeks to finish, check back for more pictures each week and do call or email if you have any problems with the cart. Ender has turned into a hell of a coder and is going freelance, if you need a small web presence site or a full cart send him an email at enderstewart@arrowheadshopping.com.

Bob Stewart
Arrowhead Alpines


Arrowhead Alpines - Bob & Brigitta Stewart, Owners
PO Box 857 - 1310 N. Gregory Road - Fowlerville, MI 48836
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