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Species lilies

We have been slowly amassing quite a collection of species Lilies, , all are seed grown and should be free of some of the virus problems that plague many of the cheap imports. Seed grown Lilies grow on quickly once planted out, and usually flower within a year or two of planting, although some slow species can take up to seven years. Bulb sizes may look small but some of these species just naturally have small bulbs. Checking the collection date should help you gauge bulb size, some flower for us first year from seed in the greenhouse.


Lilium aff. regale 03 ch 299 PRICE 1@ $8.00

Big white trumpets Hans from Shady Oaks collected them in China in 2003.


Lilium bolanderi Ratko 03-374 PRICE 1@ $8.00

A dainty western American species the thimble lily features up to a dozen horizontal or slightly downward facing bells with unreflexed petals, plum to wine on the outside and paler within and boldly spotted in the throat with gold, atop 1-3’ stems whorls with somewhat glaucous leaves. A fantastic plant and in my experience not easy.


Lilium canadense ................ PRICE 1@ $8.00

In the michiganense and superbum group, it is very similar in general look and perhaps a bit more finicky in the garden. Generally 10-12 pendulous yellowish orange flowers atop 1.5 meter stems.


LILIUM davidii wilmonttiae PRICE 1@ $8.00

China, the stoloniferus bulbs are grown for food in its native range, var. wilmontii has up to 100 flowers on stems that can reach 2.2m. Flowers are bright orange Turk's caps.


Lilium lancifolium ............ PRICE 1@ $8.00

If one more customer confuses Tiger Lilies with Daylilies, we are going to bury them up to their neck in the compost pile. It is likely that these are the only virus free Tiger Lilies you will ever see, as near as I can tell everything in cultivation is infested with one or in most cases several viruses to which it is largely immune but will spread Typhoid Mary fashion to other lilies in your collection. (Most of the commercial Dutch lilies also harbor viruses so don’t panic about lancifolium). These are seed grown, not raised from stem bulbils, which is a big culprit in the spread of viruses (seed being inherently virus free). If tiger lily abstinence is not for you then do the right thing and practice safe lily sex.


Lilium lancifolium 'Flore Pleno' PRICE 1@ $8.00

This has been in cultivation since the 17th century propagated vegetatively via stem bulbils so it probably harbors one or more symptomless lily viruses. I am wary of these old cultivars, although some have been meristemmed and cleaned up. It is still safe to grow but you may want to keep it isolated from your species lily collection or adopt a regular spray program to control vectors. Recreating it via backcrossing should result in virus free plants, if anyone does so let us know.


Lilium martagon .................. PRICE 1@ $8.00

Well-known European Turkscap, from select parents they should produce some outstanding clones with up to 50 spotted orangish or red Turks-cap flowers on stems to 2m. Attractive plants for a partly shady spot, they are slower to reach maturity than some of the other ones we list.


Lilium martagon album . PRICE 1@ $8.00

Always in demand these are seed grown but easy to sort out even the bulbs lack pigment.



Always a favorite, we grew these from seed a few years ago, these are the typical form; we really should propagate a few of the variants (a blatant hint to Fred and Tony)


Lilium pardalinum ssp vollmeri Ratko 00-492   PRICE 1@ $15.00

Often listed as just Lilium vollmeri it is one of the easiest of the west coast species to please it tends to be rhizomatous and can form substantial colonies over time. It likes moisture and humus rich soils but will tolerate a fair range of garden conditions; flowers are strongly reflexed maroon-black spotted orange Turk’s-caps.


LILIUM SUPeRBUM .................. PRICE 1@ $6.50

Large 6-8' pagoda of downward facing orange Lilies, with reflexed and spotted petals, up to 40 to a stem; it is similar to Lilium martagon. Please do not confuse this wonderful plant with those ugly orange wild daylilies.


Lilium charlie Kroell’s hybrids PRICE 1@ $19.00

Multiple clones from Charlie’s breeding program some with dark nectaries, some without. Most have some Lilium henryi in their background. Exotic looking and quite different from anything you are likely to encounter in your local garden center. Charlie has deemed them unworthy of a name however they are a fantastic value. In my estimation, nearly every one is good enough to name, especially when compared to some of the crappy stuff in the trade. If you are looking for a one of a kind lily for your garden this is it.


Lilium asiatic hyb mixed PRICE 1@ $6.50

These are mixed seed grown forms that we raised from named parents. A nice color range, virus free these are easy and extremely showy.


Lilium asiatic hyb 'SPACIOUS living' PRICE 1@ $6.50

Large yellow flowers without spots.


Lilium hyb Melissa Jaimie PRICE 1@ $6.50

Asian hybrid with soft pink flowers blending to cream, these were from the Michigan Lily Society sale several years back.


lycoris .......... see perennial section


Montbretia securigera PRICE 1@ $5.50

An obscure orange flowered thing, Montbretias are now mostly Crocosmias but securigera is virtually unknown by any name.


Morea aff. Stricta ............ PRICE 1@ $4.50

Very tough and not to be messed with, the leather corset and whip easily distinguish it from less dominant species.


Morea edulus (fugax) ..... PRICE 1@ $5.50

Showy South African Irid; 12-50cm, ephemeral flowers strongly scented, yellow or blue, corms edible and reportedly pleasant tasting; once an important food source for early Cape settlers. Moreas are among the showiest of Cape bulbs and deserve a place in the garden of every bulb enthusiast.


morea PAPILENACAEA ........ PRICE 1@ $6.50

Attractive yellow flowers with brown markings dance like butterflies above clumps of Iris-like leaves, South Africa.


Morea tripetala .................. PRICE 1@ $6.50

What a creative name, (a bunch of these have three petals) the slender Iris chrysographys-like flowers however are quite distinct, exquisite gentian blue with a white bearded throat; there is a good photo in the Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs.


Morea vegeta ......................... PRICE 1@ $6.50

Flowers in a variety of colors yellow brown pink or blue, always with yellow nectar guides.


Muscari aucheri .................. PRICE 1@ $5.50

An outstanding species from Turkey, the Iranian tubergenianum is often considered a form of this with azure blue flowers shading paler or white on the lobes.


Muscari botryoides ......... PRICE 1@ $4.50

European species, France to Germany; sweet scented individual florets are nearly round.



Just in case you prefer white grapes.


Muscari botryoides heldrichii PRICE 1@ $4.50

This does not appear to differ significantly from plain botryoides.


Muscari bourgaei ............... PRICE 1@ $5.50

Western Turkey at alpine levels, deep violet blue obovoid flowers with white teeth.


Muscari comosum ............... PRICE 1@ $5.50

Strange looking with a tassel of frilly sterile flowers sitting atop the normal flower scape, the finger in a light socket effect wins it a place in our gardens.


Muscari latifolium ........... PRICE 1@ $5.50

From Turkey and very distinct, bulbs send up a single wide strap-like leaf, and a foot high spike topped with Bellevalia-like dark violet fertile flowers and blue sterile ones giving a two tone effect.


Muscari NEGLECTUM .......... PRICE 1@ $4.50

It’s hardly neglected, the prototype and most widely grown Grape Hyacinth.


Muscari pallens .................. PRICE 1@ $6.50

An intriguing species from the Caucasus, flowers are pale blue to nearly white, quite attractive and seldom offered.


Muscari szovitsianum .... PRICE 1@ $5.50

I believe this has now been lumped into armenaicum, which it is clearly related to.


Muscari tubergenianum PRICE 1@ $6.50

Rare Iranian species, the pure sky blue flowers are probably the best in the genus, related to and sometimes included in M. aucheri.


Narcissus assoanus ........ PRICE 1@ $8.00

A cute dwarf species native to France and Spain, Blanchard places it in section Jonquillae, however the ags Encyclopedia considers it to have affinities to Cyclamineus. Long known as Narcissus juncifolius, it was for a time considered part of requienii and now hails to assoanus; it thrives in dryish alkaline soils and is easy as a pan plant in the alpine house.


narcissus BULBICODIUM . PRICE 1@ $6.50

The hoop petticoat, fat bells with a tiny corona, my favorite species Narcissus as you might deduce from the following list, some are very rare in the wild all are seed raised


Narcissus bulbocodium citrinus PRICE 1@ $6.50

Generally plants with pale yellow flowers, the situation is complex check out Blanchard if you are interested in the gory details.


Narcissus BULB. bulbicodium CONSPICUUS    PRICE 1@ $6.50

Narcissus bulbocodium citrinus is often considered a pale flowered form of this. but true citrinus is shorter than conspicuus.


Narcissus BULB. bulbocodium FILIFOLIUS       PRICE 1@ $6.50

Thready foliage, its similar to tenuifolius.


Narcissus BULB. bulbicodium NIVALIS    PRICE 1@ $6.50

Large flowers to 3.6cm across, tepals with green tips, Morocco, lives up to its name.


Narcissus BULB. bulbocodium OBESUS              PRICE 1@ $6.50

Fat flowers, to 3.4 cm one of the most attractive forms, Atlas Mts.


Narcissus BULB. bulbocodium tenuifolius PRICE 1@ $6.50

Dwarf form with very slender foliage, flowers similar to the type.


Narcissus bulbocodium var. pallidus arch696.600      PRICE 1@ $15.00

An excellent form from Jim and Jenny Archibald, flowers are very large and lighter in color than the typical bulbocodium


Narcissus cantabricus var. foliosus ex Archibald           PRICE 1@ $15.00

Seedlings from an Archibald collection of this rare Moroccan endemic, these represent some of the finest Narcissus we have ever grown, colors range from yellow to near white, huge petunia flowers, winter blooming and best in an alpine house.


Narcissus cavanillesii  archibald699.951    PRICE 1@ $15.00

A rather tender fall blooming species native to southern Spain and Morocco, formerly known as Tapeinanthus humilis, flowers are starry and upward facing, this is a unique plant and no Narcissis collection should be without it,



These are actually from a Blanchard collection in the Tagus drainage that may produce some interesting variations; with Blanchard and Archibald origins, these are your best chance to acquire the real thing.


narcissus JONQUILLA ....... PRICE 1@ $4.50

The prototype daffodil, it looks pretty much as you would expect.


Narcissus nevadensis ex Archibald PRICE 1@ $15.00

An isolated and very local Sierra Nevada endemic, Jim and Jenny collected it from a wet, west facing slope in the upper Rio Monachil valley at 2,200m. It is known from only one small colony, it is widespread in cultivation but very endangered in the wild, attempts should be made to keep these stocks pure. Distinct from all but longispathus with its bicolored white and pale yellow flowers 2-4 to a stem, its much easier to grow than longispathus.


Narcissus obvallaris ex Archibald ex wales PRICE 1@ $15.00

A rare plant in the wild but easy and excellent in the garden, there is some question as to whether it is actually an ancient escape and not really native to Wales. Flowers are similar in color to N. hispanicus, this is the real thing wild collected not far from Jim and Jenny’s home.


Narcissus REQUIENII .......... PRICE 1@ $8.00

Wild collections by Holubec, this is apparently now lumped into Narcissus assoanus (see above), by any name an excellent plant.


Narcissus romieuxii ex ‘julia jane’ selfed PRICE 1@ $15.00

Seedlings from ‘Julia Jane’, an extreme petunioides like plant with yellow flowers that is named after Archibalds daughter, the parent is probably the finest romieuxii in cultivation.


Narcissus romieuxii HYB PRICE 1@ $6.50

Similar to bulbocodium but with broader more open bell of creamy sulfur yellow, with exerted stamens, romieuxii is one of the best species.


narcissus romieuxii mesatlanticus ... PRICE 1@ $6.50

A tall, pale yellow form of romieuxii from N. Africa, its always a favorite here but with few well defined morphological characters it probably should be lumped.



This is the form from the Rif Mountains of Morocco, where it grows in cedar woods on limestone, shorter than the typical form; flowers are generally pale in color.


Narcissus RUPICOLA .......... PRICE 1@ $6.50

Broad petaled flat flowers with a small central trumpet,-cute if you like the yellow happy face look, Spain.


Narcissus scaberulus PRICE 1@ $15.00

One of the tiniest Narcissus scaberulus is endemic to a small region of the upper Mondego Valley in Portugal, it is generally regarded as one of the ancestral species. The 18mm flowers are produced on short scapes of one to five blossoms.


Narcissus x 'Nylon' ........... PRICE 1@ $8.00

Really more of a grex than a clone (actually its more of a plastic but a cut above those cheesy plastic spring bulbs that you see in full bloom 12 months of the year.) In cultivation it is represented by numerous similar forms. It originated as a cross between Narcissus romieuxii and Narcissus cantabricus var. foliosus made by Blanchard’s father. Several including ‘Taffeta’ were named and the balance sent to Alec Gray who went on to distribute multiple clones under the name ‘Nylon’. As you might guess from the parents and the breeder, it is excellent.


Narcissus ex ‘taffeta’ ... PRICE 1@ $8.00

A named selection from the ‘Nylon’ grex selected by Blanchard’s father ‘Taffeta‘ resembles a good white cantibricus these are seedlings from taffeta, and excellent plants.

Nectaroscordum siculum PRICE 1@ $4.50

Allium relative commonly known as Honey Garlic with pendant flowers rather larger than most Alliums, Europe.


Ornithogalum arcuatum PRICE 1@ $8.00

Native to steepes and wetlands in the western Caucasus clusters of 40 or so white flowers striped green in summer.


Ornithogalum exscapum PRICE 1@ $6.50

A Mediterranean species, it's similar to sibthorpii with 3cm white flowers on short stems.


Ornithogalum schlechterianum PRICE 1@ $6.50

A rare South African endemic this is quite showy and not in general cultivation, no Google pictures for this one it is truly obscure.


Orthrosanthus chimboracensis PRICE 1@ $6.50

Native to Central and South America with large blue flowers on 1-2’ branching stems a bit like a huge flowered blue eyed grass.


Orthrosanthus polystachus PRICE 1@ $5.50

An Australian species with brilliant Techophilia blue flowers and contrasting yellow stamens it prefers moist semishade along watercourses.




Pancratium maritimum PRICE 1@ $12.00

A weird mutant white Daffodil looking thing with extremely fragrant flowers on 18" stems, cool plants similar to Hymenocallis, native to S. Europe


PINELLIA CORDATA ............... PRICE 1@ $19.00

The crème de la crème, aloof from its weedy relatives, the heart shaped leaves, often with silver marbling look more like an Asian Ginger than an Aroid. The flowers give it away however, cute little mouse tailed jacks; it does produce leaf bulbils but I can’t imagine it as a weed.


pinellia pedatisecta ...... PRICE 1@ $6.50

Curious little aroid like a miniature Jack in the Pulpit, with a long protruding spadix.


Pinellia ternata ................. PRICE 1@ $6.50

30cm to as much as 60cm tall, this one weeds around via the leaf bulbils.


Pinellia tripartata Ex Hammer PRICE 1@ $6.50

A Japanese woodlander, its similar to the above, and supposedly not weedy.



From the winter rainfall regions of the Cape, small Scilla-like bulbs produce of a half dozen 2cm violet purple flowers in late autumn. We suspect that this is actually Polyxena longituba. “One time at band camp” … no wait that was a flute …”what’s my name bitch”.


Romulea autumnalis ....... PRICE 1@ $6.50

This is the fall blooming one, bright pink flowers very showy.


Romulea bulbocodium..... PRICE 1@ $4.50

Crocus-like species from the Mediterranean; violet flowers, one of the hardier species.


Romulea Bulbocodium LEICHTLINIANA    PRICE 1@ $5.50

Crocus-like like bulb, flowers white with a yellow center from purple buds,


Romulea bulbocodium vernum PRICE 1@ $4.50

Crocus-like species from the Mediterranean; violet flowers, one of the hardier species flowering in spring.


Romulea macowanii ........... PRICE 1@ $5.50

A summer rainfall species from the eastern Cape with long tubed golden yellow flowers at ground level, it may continue to bloom into the fall with autumnalis.


Romulea pratensis ........... PRICE 1@ $5.50

There are about 95 species of Romulea; this is the rare and obscure one that no one bothers to describe, possibly introduced to the Romulans from Vulcan.


Romulea rosea ..................... PRICE 1@ $4.50

A showy pink flowered species from the cape that naturalizes well.


Romulea saldanhensis .. PRICE 1@ $4.50

Crocus like with glossy deep yellow flowers streaked yellow in the throat.


Scilla autumnalis ............. PRICE 1@ $6.50

A delicate little fall flowering plant, native to dry grassy places in Europe and flowering before the leaves appear.


Scilla campanulata mixed PRICE 1@ $6.50

Apparently conspecific with hyacinthioides hispanica.


Scilla non scripta ............ PRICE 1@ $6.50

See hyacinthioides non scripta = Scilla non scripta for description


Scilla peruviana ................. PRICE 1@ $6.50

Despite the name (Lineaus thought it came from Peru) it's not from Peru but the Mediterranean regions, 20-100 starry violet blue flowers on foot high stems.


Sparaxis bulbifera ........... PRICE 1@ $5.50

Iridaceous species from South Africa with 15-50cm scapes of creamy flowers very different from the commercial Sparaxis most gardeners are familiar with.


Sparaxis sp. mix ................... PRICE 1@ $4.50

A mix we grew from seed exchange seed, very gaudy.


Tritellia laxa ........................ PRICE 1@ $8.00

Commonly known as Ithuriels Spear (way too many biblical references for me but apparently just the thing if you are plagued with satanic toads, Pipa pipa perhaps); or if you prefer Grassnut. It is supposed to be delicious both raw and cooked, umbels of blue flowers atop 30cm stems, this Brodia-like bulb is native to the West Coast.


Tritellia peduncularis ratko 95-500   PRICE 1@ $12.00

An impressive species native to the inner north costal ranges, flowers are similar to laxa but white with violet tints individual perianths are 4-6” long forming starburst inflorescences up to 10” wide atop two foot stems, in the wild it is often found on vernally moist serpentine gravel flats that line the dry watercourses.


Tulbaghia comissii ............ PRICE 1@ $5.50

Flowers to almost 2cm wide, six glistening white petal lobes spread flat the stamen tips forming a purplish pink eye; flowering in autumn and very fragrant after dark it was described in 1957 from the Eastern Cape.


TULBAGhIA natalensis .... PRICE 1@ $4.50

18" tall with sweet scented violet blue flowers, from south africa, probably safest in the alpine house. we have not yet tried them outside but with south african stuff you never know, some prove completely hardy others turn to mush.   


Tulbaghia violacaea ....... PRICE 1@ $6.50

Umbels of sweet scented flowers atop 60cm stems, this is commonly known as society garlic and presumably is edible, although I cannot personally attest to the fact (Here at Arrowhead we are just not the society types)


Tulbaghia violacaea alba PRICE 1@ $6.50

As above but white


Tulbaghia violacaea 'Silver Lace' PRICE 1@ $8.00

Again with white edged foliage


Watsonia borbonii ardernei PRICE 1@ $8.00

Spikes of up to 200 pink flowers on stems that can reach 2m in height, a wonderful plant for a cool greenhouse or outside in warmer climates ardernei is larger flowered than the type.


zephyranthes citrina .... PRICE 1@ $5.50

A dwarf with scapes only reaching 13cm and bearing bright yellow 2" flowers.


zephyranthes grandiflora PRICE 1@ $5.50

Rain Lily, open-faced bright pink flowers; great container plants, they bloom after each rain all summer long.


Zephyranthes 'La Bufa Rosea' PRICE 1@ $6.50

Whats with the rosy toad?  Very light pink nearly white flowers in summer, this was found by Yucca Do and is considered to be an intergeneric cross between Cooperia and Zephyranthes.


Zephyranthes macrosiphon PRICE 1@ $6.50

A large pink flowered Mexican species somewhat similar to grandiflora but a bit smaller, give it plenty of water.


Zigadenus elegans ........... PRICE 1@ $8.00

White Camas, native over much of the Western U.S., bulbous to 3' thriving in rich moist sites, keeled leaves, grow in clumps and sprout racemes of greenish white flowers; much hardier than the following.


Zigadenus fremontii ........ PRICE 1@ $8.00

Bulbous species in the Lily family with fairly showy creamy white flowers it has a sinister reputation as a poisonous plant. We have not seen any carcasses of garden vermin around the base of the plants, although a few less deer and bunnies wouldn't break my heart.


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